The Fox Tale

                                                                            Phyllis Fox cooking in Italy.  circa 1978

Meet The Fox

Oh yes, there really is a Fox.  Phyllis Fox created Fox More Than A Mustard more than 30 years ago in her kitchen at Fox Hollow Farm.

With a focus on quality ingredients, local suppliers, and big flavor, Fox More Than A Mustard has become a New England classic now enjoyed around the world.

Phyllis' mustard is definitely versatile - great on sandwiches, as a dip, a dressing for salads, barbecuing, as a glaze, and more.  Check out our recipes tab for some of our favorite ways to use Fox More Than A Mustard.

Naturally Marvelous Since 1981

Fox More Than A Mustard has been made in small batches since 1981.  Our sweet and spicy mustard sauce is made with the finest ingredients including cask aged balsamic vinegar imported from Modena, fresh garlic, natural brown sugar, and selected spices.

Our mustard is definitely thick - some have compared it to creamed honey.  That's because we don't add any of those gums, stabilizers, or artificial preservatives.  Just insanely delicious sweet, spicy, and tangy mustard.  

What else?  Well, we don't add any salt, it's vegan, and is GMO free!